Morlais Marine Energy was established by Menter Môn following its appointment as the Managers for the West Anglesey Demonstration Zone by The Crown Estate.

Menter Môn is a third sector social enterprise delivering projects across North Wales in various sectors. The motivation for applying to be the Third Party Manager was to establish Anglesey as a marine energy hub and secure maximum added value for the local economy. For more information on Menter Môn visit www.mentermon.com

The West Anglesey Demonstration Zone is one of several around the United Kingdom which have been leased out by The Crown Estate in a bid to encourage and accelerate technology development. Each of the zones were identified because they offer appropriate wave and tidal energy potential and access to necessary infrastructure, including ports and electricity grid. The Anglesey Zone was primarily selected for its tidal resource. As the Third Party Manager we will manage and sub-let areas within the Zone for test and demonstration activities alongside some of the first array scale commercial projects. We will also seek to add value to the Zone by undertaking consenting activities and establishing grid connection to further support subtenant projects. Wherever possible we will also seek to develop and utilise local supply chains.


A core team was established to prepare the proposal for The Crown Estate and manage the delivery of the project. The team possess skills and experience in a range of relevant fields and will be responsible for ensuring the West Anglesey Demonstration Zone is at the forefront of marine energy.

Gerallt has been the Managing Director of Menter Môn since 1995 and will have overall responsibility for Morlais. His main role will be to engage with key partners, including developers, funders and stakeholders to ensure that the approach is coordinated and focused. He will also assume the lead on all funding applications to support the development of the Zone.

ANDY BILLCLIFF (Operations Director)
Andy has over 30 years experience in Power Generation and Power Plant Maintenance and was until recently responsible for RWE Innogy’s UK Hydro portfolio. He has in depth knowledge of the UK electricity market and of current renewable generation technology. Andy will take a lead on ensuring grid connection to the Zone and will be responsible for all health and safety matters.

JAMES ORME (Technical Director)
James has worked in tidal energy since 1999 in a variety of roles. He previously led technical development of tidal turbines with a UK company including design and deployment. He was also responsible for producing the Environmental Statement for the GSK Montrose tidal project. James will take lead on the consenting process and his knowledge of the marine energy sector will be applied across all Morlais activities.

DAFYDD GRUFFYDD (Business Director)
Dafydd has worked with Menter Môn since 1997 and has delivered projects across several sectors including new product development, fisheries, economic regeneration and environmental improvements. As the Business Director Dafydd will be responsible for liaising with stakeholders, working with funders and developers and maintaining an active dialogue with The Crown Estate.


Morlais Energy



The West Anglesey Demonstration Zone is an area which has been identified by the Crown Estate as being a suitable location for the installation of marine energy devices in the short to medium term. The Zone has a good tidal current resource and a relatively low wave regime. The area designated for the Zone is shown in the diagram below.

The Zone comprises of 37km² and is generally based around the promontory of Holy Island. It is this geographical feature which leads to the acceleration of flows in this region. The flow will vary across the site with higher levels experienced closer to the North West tip of Holy Island.

Morlais Energy




Menter Môn’s primary motivation for acting as the Third Party Manager for the West Anglesey Demonstration Zone is secure maximum benefit for the economy of Anglesey. The project will involve developing the Zone to accommodate marine technology developers as well as servicing their requirements once they have located on Anglesey. Both elements will require a wide range of services and skills which should be accessed locally whenever possible and practical. Examples of these are provided below however it should be noted that this list is not exhaustive.

• Permitting & Consenting
• Vessel Hire
• Environmental & Geotechnical Monitoring
• Maritime Operations Consultancy
• Fabrication & Final Assembly
• Underwater Substation Pod
• Cable Installation
• Installation of Telecommunications to Shore Station
• Operation & Maintenance
• Port Facilities
• Office Space
• Accommodation
• Training

Menter Môn has delivered business support services in North Wales for almost 20 years and is therefore well placed to identify and develop supply chains. It will also to contribute to the wider aim of developing the Island as a renewable energy hub that offers opportunities for a highly skilled workforce that could otherwise leave the area. We will seek to work closely with The Energy Island and Anglesey County Council to achieve this.


Menter Môn’s strength is its long association with the island and its well established links with local stakeholders. For Morlais to succeed it is important that it engages with all stakeholders at each stage of the process. While we will not attempt to provide an exhaustive list at this early stage the key stakeholders will include the fishing industry, the maritime recreational sector, coastal landowners and the business sector.

In addition to the general engagement process there will also be a requirement to undertake a detailed Environmental Impact Assessment prior to any works being undertaken in the Zone. This will seek to identify, assess and mitigate the impacts the development could have on the marine and coastal environment.


Morlais Energy


Tidal energy is a form of hydropower that converts the energy of tides into useful forms of power, mainly electricity.

Although not yet widely used, tidal energy has potential for future electricity generation. Tides are more predictable than wind energy and solar power. Among sources of renewable energy, tidal has traditionally suffered from relatively high cost and limited availability of sites with sufficiently high tidal ranges or flow velocities, thus constricting its total availability. However, many recent technological developments and improvements, both in design and turbine technology indicate that the total availability of tidal power may be much higher than previously assumed, and that economic and environmental costs may be brought down to competitive levels.

A feasibility study commissioned by Anglesey County Council (Feasibility Study for a Marine Energy Programme – a Marine Energy Sector Development Programme 2013) described the marine energy sector as “a major opportunity for transformational economic growth” for North Wales and recognised the importance of “supporting and encouraging local marine skills capability and supply chain capacity…to create positive regional impacts and benefits.”


Morlais Energy


Menter Môn
Menter Môn is a third sector enterprise established in 1995 to deliver European funded economic regeneration projects. Today it employs 60 members of staff and delivers projects in the environmental, community, fisheries, agri food and business sectors. It was appointed as the third party manager for the West Anglesey Demonstration Zone in July 2014.


Energy Island
The Anglesey Energy Island™ Programme is a collective effort between several stakeholders within the public and private sector working in partnership to put Anglesey at the forefront of energy research and development, production and servicing, bringing with it potentially huge economic rewards. Morlais will work in partnership with Energy Island to ensure the maximum benefit for Anglesey.


The Crown Estate
The Crown Estate are committed to working with industry, government and other stakeholders to help realise the UK’s renewable energy and carbon reduction targets. A key part of this aim is to successfully exploit the country’s significant wave and tidal energy resources. To facilitate this process The Crown Estate have leased areas of the seabed to third party managers.


The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) Ltd provide developers of both wave and tidal energy converters – technologies that generate electricity by harnessing the power of waves and tidal streams – with purpose-built, accredited open-sea testing facilities.




Marine Services Supply Chain Study - Action Plan

Marine Services Supply Chain Study for Tidal Energy Industry

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